So a friend of mine gifted me a cat and I was super excited to have it. I made her a beautiful crate and sleeping couch where she could sleep and rest as you know cats like to sleep a lot and they like to have their own comfortable spaces. As she started to spend more time in the garden and backyard of my house I started to notice she was scratching herself very frequently. I ignored it for a few days but then it decided to bother me as it started to hurt her. If I would go and stop her from scratching herself she would scratch me in return. As it started to get worse, I called my friend who also have pet cats and she asked me to get an anti itch pet shampoo and give her a bath with it. I thought she must be kidding because it seemed a bigger problem to me than giving her a bath with a shampoo. So I decided to take her to the vet.

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After I took her to the vet and I started complaining about her aggressive attitude and changed behavior, she asked me if I had change her diet or anything new has been added to her routine. I answered with a no but then I told her how she scratches herself and how she has been doing that to me as well if I try to stop her. The vet game me a dead stare and asked which shampoo I use to give her a bath and I told her about it. He shook his head in disappointment and then asked me to sit and relax as there was nothing wrong with car and she was not at all developing an aggressive attitude. She was simply having itchy skin due to having a heavy coat of fur and her playing outside in the garden. He simply asked me to get an anti itch pet shampoo of any brand that would suit me and I was good to go.

That day I came back home satisfied but a little embarrassed too because I made it look like a big problem and in reality it was a very small and petty problem. So I asked the same friend again about what brand does she use for anti itch pet shampoo and she asked me to use Soospet Its pretty reliable brand, they have high quality product at affordable rates. So I went through the website and after a few washes I saw tremendous change in my cat and I did not see her scratching herself anymore.

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