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Back on that horse

Unrehearsed from a crate I dragged to my lovely neighbor’s going away party. I wish I had recorded all 4 hours that night but this will have to do. I actually cut this off in time to burn the entire session to CD. How quaint.  Anywho… PLAY IT LOUD


Faktory MixJust under an hour of seething electronic klang.




My friend Jeremy recently posed a question – how do you refer generally to all of the genres presently described as EDM without resorting to that loathsome term? My answer: TECHNO can be used to describe nearly any music employing machines or even non-mechanical music that emulates them.


The Sounds Of Earth presents a meditation on this insight. A HYPERSURFACE is a mathematical construct used to describe a surface in a different number of dimensions. This compilation draws on that concept to illustrate the multi-dimentionality of techno.


Complete track listing after the jump. Click the hash tag to play or download..






hy·per·sur·face [hahy-per-sur-fis] – noun | a mathematical object that generalizes the concept of surface from three-dimensional Euclidean space to hyperspace.




Le Fleur – Datura

Future Sound of London – A Study of Six Guitars

Morkia – Time Axis Manipulation

Brian Eno & David Byrne – The Carrier

Hawke – Lovebug

Plastikman – Akoustik (F.K. Remix)

Friedman & Liebezeit – Secret Rhythms (Shackleton Remix)

010 aka Aybee – Refuge ft. Malena Perez

Actress – IWAAD

Shackleton – Fireworks

Autechre – Chatter

Friedman & Liebezeit – 7

Polygon Window – My Teapot

Andy Stott – Love Nothing

Shed – RQ-170

Future Sound Of London – Tired #1

Gatekeeper – Tomb

Plastikman – I Don’t Know (Psyche’s Haunted Whisper Remix)


The BA.SE.


Nearly a decade after the first BAllroom.SEssions recording was released, DiReC1Fr0mDiGi1aL is pleased to present the latest in the series.

And while every BA.SE. mix is arranged and recorded in Doug Singer’s loft studio in Brooklyn, Williamsburg’s old Miller-Grand Ballroom, there is a unique story behind each SEssion…

BA.SE.x4 originated as a gift for Beyond Booking’s ultra-fab Kiss & Tell holiday swap (many thanks to Seze Devres for the inspiration!).

BA.SE.X5 is almost entirely the result of a vinyl-buying frenzy at famed Manhattan record store, Rebel Rebel, with a few choice cuts supplied by Dope Jams of Brooklyn.

Hear for yourself – download/stream via the linked text …and turn it UP!


DfD is home to The Sounds Of Earth


New for 2011, DfD will be home for archived netcasts of The Sounds Of Earth. TSOE originates from the Bushwick, Brooklyn studios of Newtown Radio, streaming most Fridays from 7-9p EDT. The show, now in its second year, features electronic music selected and mixed by veteran NY DJ Doug Singer. DfD will post selected archives for streaming and download starting with the first TSOE of 2011.

The show on January 7 features records from 2 decades in the evolution of electronic dance music, with techno, house, acid, electro, and ghetto-tech styles represented. Artists in this 2 hour compliation include Redshape, Basic Soul Unit, Kyle Hall, Richie Hawtin, Ron Hardy, Hallucinator, Steve Poindexter, Pan Pot & Traversable Wormhole, among others. Labels range from the venerable Plus8 and Chain Reaction imprints to today’s Equalized and a.r.t.less (Morjuba).

Download or stream in your browser here:

The Sounds Of Earth, 2011-01-07 (256Kbps)


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